DeMEC is a small London based group dedicated to the design and creation of state-of-the-art jewels, promoting the maximum possible levels of quality and integrity.

This group is in search of being the leaders in jewellery with designs recognized for the innovation and exclusivity, with an excellent customer service but with the most ecological conscience.

DeMEC is trying to go further in design proposing a new range of jewellery that we call jewellery with a purpose: our purpose is to give back to nature what she has been giving us by using a product that will help to save the elephants preserving the rain forests.

To reach its goal DeMEC is working with a very old seed that was used 200 years ago in the finest products but that was replaced by plastic in the 50’s. The palm seed known as vegetable ivory [Phytelephas Macrocarpa], coming from the Amazon Jungle in Latin-America, is called this way because its colour, hardness and density are very similar to animal ivory. These properties make these amazing seeds the only natural and one hundred percent sustainable alternative for ivory.

The buttons of the Victorian dresses, the draw handles of the fine furniture were made with this seeds as well as some special accessories (Japanese carvings), rare miniatures and sculptures.

But before it can be worked, the seeds must be allowed to dry naturally to gain the hardness required to be carved. This drying time can go to up to twenty years. Obviously the older the seed the more valuable it becomes.

DeMEC firmly believes that jewellery designs should be dynamic and timeless, in the same order of ideas, the development in our jewellery designs is evolving to express our thinking and to be at the edge in the sophisticated and amazing world in which we live.

We have striven for innovation in the design of fine jewellery combining the many talents of our designers, to place our product in a position of leadership in the European market.

Our pieces have the touch of high class and exclusivity needed to reach the hearts of the most demanding buyers. Jewels individually designed and handmade in the United Kingdom to create unique pieces of art.

All our pieces are classified according to the age of the vegetable ivory seeds. To work with the seeds we allow them to get dry from 2 to 20 years. The young seeds (2 to 10 years old) are used for costume jewellery (Genteel Collection) and the harder seeds (those from 10 to 20 years old) are used for fine jewellery (Goddess, Empress, Queen and Princess) in combination with gems, 18 carat gold, ancient stones, sterling silver and semiprecious stones.

All the collections and dried times were a classification created and belong to DeMEC as a way to get the best possible quality in the jewellery.


The Goddess collection is the perfect combination between vegetable ivory seeds dried for 20 years and gems. The seeds are selected not only for the age but for the quality of the grain and the colour, and are mixed with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.


The Empress collection is the perfect combination between vegetable ivory seeds dried for 20 years and 18 carat gold. The designs and the seeds are carefully selected in order to establish a perfect match in colour and balance.


The Queen collection is the exotic combination between vegetable ivory seeds dried for 20 years and semiprecious stones carved by hand thousands of years ago. The seeds are selected by hand and ancient stones are checked by experts of the principal institutions in London, as the British Museum.


The Princess collection is the romantic combination between vegetable ivory seeds dried between 10 to 20 years and sterling silver. The idea is to create new designs using high quality vegetable ivory seeds and mixing them with semi-precious stones and/or sterling silver.

DeMEC’s jewellery pieces are divided in three major classifications: the free edition, the limited edition and the unique pieces.


The free edition pieces are formed by those pieces that were, have been and will be created for DeMEC, according to its own style, to show a particular style in fashion or in projects beyond borders. These specific pieces can be made in any amount and any colour.


DeMEC chooses some especial designs or hand made pieces to for a limited edition. These are special pieces identified by the respective designer with no more of 12 pieces per design per colour.


This is a determined group of jewels that are art pieces and for that reason unique. This pieces will not be repeated and obviously will belong to the first buyer that acquire them.


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